Panama Papers

…are these telling us anything new? That the 1% in the world does everything it possible can to stay the 1%?  Is this news really “shocking”, as I have seen some reports state? We already knew what tax havens were, since “having a Swiss bank account” has been in common vernacular for ages, usually depicting someone rich and corrupt.  The only surprise was how few world leaders were actually implicated.

The 1% have been hiding and hoarding their wealth since forever, this should not come as a revelation. Just look at how most tax laws favor the rich and wealthy, while heavily taxing the masses for the little amount they have.  Read up on how Republicans did everything they could to forgo an Estate Tax, which would tax the wealthy on property they pass down as inheritance.  Hell, just look at your bank account sometime, and see how, when you have money in the bank, they give you interest, but when you are low on funds, they start charging you because you don’t meet their “minimum balance requirements”.  Everything in this world is geared towards the rich and wealthy staying rich and wealthy, as the rest of us struggle to make ends meet.  We live in a class-system, or even a caste-system, which keeps the 1% in the 1%, while those not in that “caste” cannot enter without a golden ticket (An IP sold, winning the lottery, favorable decision in a court case, etc.).  EVERY problem the world has, or a country has, can be boiled down to the greed of the 1%. Police Brutality? Stems from ill-trained officers, politicians lining their pockets, and the inherent racism of the police force as it was created (Research the history of the police, and it goes back to slave drivers keeping slaves in order on the plantations, and later on, keeping workers in order who would riot from poor working conditions and poor pay). The War on Drugs? SPECIFICALLY engineered to keep blacks poor and liberals discredited. Poverty is a huge problem in most countries, but all of those fund-raising dollars that politicians pocket for re-election campaigns GREATLY outweigh the coffers for education, welfare, and job-creation.  Just knowing how sick this country is, this planet, is enough to give the average person nightmares.

So we go back to the Panama Papers, terabytes of data on corruption, shell corporations, drugs, and money-laundering. Yet, because of judicial loopholes that have been signed into law by the politicians that are in the 1%’s payroll, no one has been charged with anything. Only public outcry has caused the Icelandic PM to resign, and for a few days, it looked like he would get away with it as well. The firm that the data leaked from, Mossack Fonseca, insists that it has done nothing wrong, and has been doing these things for the past 40 YEARS. The 1% keeps everyone else down-trodden and poor, hides things from us, and lies to our faces, telling us that everything will better soon.  Meanwhile, their police kill innocents daily, poverty is on the rise, and the masses have to choose between horrible candidates to “lead” their respective countries. They keep us mindless with television, celebrity gossip, and prescription drugs, distracting the general population from the injustices and atrocities that we live through on a daily basis.  There is a system of control in place that we need to rebel against, or nothing will ever get better for everyone.  At this point, that system of control only benefits a small group of people in this world, and that group of people does not have our best interests at heart. We need to wake up, and hopefully this leak will serve, not as a shock or revelation, but as another reminder of how controlled and unfair our lives really are, and how, just maybe, we need to rebel.



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